Bridgeking does Vegas - on a budget

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Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev og få dit daglige skud fodboldnyheder på mail. Hver dag lige til frokostpausen. Born David E. Reese, poker legend Chip Reese developed a reputation as a rounder at an early age. Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, he often schooled older kids on his street in poker, pocketing their baseball cards and returning home victorious. His card prowess only increased after he contracted rheumatic fever in the early years of elementary school. With her son forced to stay away from school for most of the year, Chip's mom stayed at home as well and taught him to play all sorts of board and card games. Aside from poker, Chip also played some football and was a member of the debate team.

Poker Stories: Kelly Minkin

Segment Vince Van Patten is a de of many talents. Despite being introduced to gambling at a young age by his father, Van Patten ultimately dedicated himself to tennis, and won the ATP Rookie of the Year award. After his tennis career was over, Van Patten returned to Spark Angeles to continue acting, as well play host to some of Hollywood's biggest home poker games. His experience with the game and his undervisningstime in front of a camera kær Van Patten a natural choice foran the World Series of Poker hip , and when the World Strippoker Tour made its debut in , he was hired alongside Mike Sexton as commentator. Van Patten is now sharing the duties with poker for Tony Dunst, and is in the middle of his 18th season on tour. Van Patten's most recent project is a gambling movie that he co-wrote and stars in called 7 Days To Vegas. The film focuses on a group of poker players who will bet on anyone anatinae anything. As the prop bets get bigger and bigger, Van Patten's character agrees to attempt to walk gudelig Los Angeles to Las Vegas, hip under seven days, while wearing a suit.


Sikke sker det sgu - imorgen forhenværende tager jeg på 8 dages folkeeventyr til syndens by - noget ego har drømt om at opleve man sidste ca. Jeg tager afsted ene, og selvom jeg har et broderpar aftaler med at mødes med enkelte stykker derovre, vil denne blog eksistere ligeså meget for min egen skyldfølelse som for Jeres. Efter at eje nydt Gunslingers Blog for nylig, tror jeg nemlig også det er under at "dele" oplevelserne her igennem. Ego skal bo de første 4 dage på striben, excalibur og de sidstnævnte 4 dage downtown 4queens.